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21   Link   Web directory protection
in ISPconfig3 use ~/web for .passwd and then .htaccess in desired directory.
22   Link   Resize and fix corupted pdf
In process of loading the owner's manuals, I run in to several corrupted PDF files.
I used this commands and it fixed the issues, and it also slightly re-size them.

sudo ps2pdf originalfile.pdf outputfile-smaller.pdf

In second approach it re-sized them big time.

sudo pdf2ps origfile.pdf postscriptfile-huge.ps
sudo ps2pdf postscriptfile-huge.ps to final-tiny.pdf

23   Link   pdf tool kit
This is handy tool kit to work with PDF files.
24   Link   Password protect apache2 web directory
I used the directives in Ispconfig3,
password file in non accessible www. As per redirect rule in Ispconfig3, the root is moved, and .htaccsess file is in the redirected web root.
Adjust all links to absolute path, and change owners to web#:client#;password file is 650
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