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u4server Fundamentals
Written by u4david   

Technology is a collection of  interconnected processes, and/or modules, and/or parts,  that through mechanisms of cooperated interactions,  is able to turn one thing in to the another.  The listed technologies are the platforms, that my project lives and dies on.

I'm learning computing technology as I go.  In open source environment it is constantly changing for the better.  My thirst is calmed  by variety of  HowTo's  and tutorials created by other thirsty minds.  Here is some links that directly contributed to this project.

Is not a accidental that I created my own web hosting server.  At first,  it was operating system that opened horizons to no cost, highly scalable, high quality computing.  From there it was only a mater of time to have the same expectation from web services.  And since there is no such think as unlimited,  free web hosting, I was motivated to created my own.  This experience is also used in my work environment.  I'm  glad to have the testing environment here at hand.  So here you go, my current client sites are here.

Repair Shop
Written by u4david   

Regardless of modern  technology and 21 century growth, all things have life time. They will brake, corrupt, misbehave.  Over a decade I had  my hands on computer technology->>  designing it, building it, using it,  or repairing it .  Computers, laptops, monitors, digital cameras, they all got my attention and care in past. And really,  I like trouble-shooting-challenge of any source. Contact me.

Graphic Design
Written by u4david   

Are you  thinking of a catchy logo?  Simple, clean ,or complex graphical signature? Do you need website or business card, or a t-shirt or ......? I use combination of  tools that ranges from digital form, to hand made art, and brain storm ideas,  to create the unique something,  that says it all.  I can delivery it   using a variety of  formats .   Contact me.

Written by u4david   

Do you need any input regarding purchase of your next gadget, laptop, printer, scanner, camera? Would you like to know what to buy for your office to get the most for your money? Do you have questions about hot to set up  IT environment for home, entertainment, or business? There is so much options how to equip and satisfy our technology needs.  It can become  for a someone  guess work .Let me help you along the way of your digital adventures. You will save $ and get the right stuff.

Data Recovery
Written by u4david   

So, you deleted the file?  Or formatted the wrong disk? Or the drive  disappeared all together? Well,  it does not have to be all lost yet!   First,  do not attempt to use the computer and don't write to the external disk anymore!  Any activity could overwrite the data that are still,  possibly intact!   So,  turn it OFF and gather maximum information on,  what data is that you need back.  Then search who can retrieve the data for you. When you get scared of all the prices out there,  come back here,  and contact me.  And while you waiting and hoping for your data to surface,  do more research about a backups.

Web Design
Written by u4david   

The old days of creating pages are long gone. With tools like Content Management System and web server platforms we have new whole word of web creating.  Web sites can be activated and ready to use with less time.  That is good news for you!   Now you can have your own site.  You supply the content if you can, like photographs, digital images, logo, text written in email or word processor .Then I build the prototype.  After we get the rough idea up and running, we can take it from there. It is fun, lets create something.  Contact me.

Web Hosting
Written by u4david   

Websites that I design, I host and serve them  from  my own server.  I take care of domain registration, email set up,  and other tasks related to this complex process. This allows  me to have instant propagation of  any changes, with out  lags. You know where to find me if you have questions. Yes I'm right here. No automated answering system,  but a live person who is here to hep you out.  After all, I designed all this in my free time to fulfil my curiosity,  so you know that I'm enthusiastic about what I do here.

Written by u4david   

Would you like to learn how to use a computer or a application,  or are  you just plainly  frustrated, lost in digital world?  Currently there is a lot of commercial products and even larger chunk  of free operating systems, programs, and platforms. Whole variety of unknown.  If only one knew how to use them.  If you have the urge to get on top of it all, lets make a afford, and we could both learn valuable lessons from today technology.

File Conversion
Written by u4david   

So many file formats, extensions, and archives.  Do you have problem opening the file you need ?   Wondering how to save your important file in a most universal way ?   I'm here, and the file variety is   here.