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Software's foundations used on u4server project. Links to home pages.

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1   Link   Ubuntu
Ubuntu is concrete platform. It have amazing support of dedicated developers and end users.

In my case, desktop version of Ubuntu is THE Operating System that controls hardware of my workstation/server.

The whole desktop/workstation at my finger tips at no cost.

Server is using Ubuntu server version installed on VMware server.
2   Link   VMware
This software have given me the opportunity to create virtual computing machines of varieties of platforms. Restore them from backup, or snapshot when desired. The "liquid" computer is born by using VMware technology. Just open up the valves and fill your glasses.

My server uses this platform, to run inside my Ubuntu workstation. This set-up keeps my personal and serving needs separated, secured, and manageable.
3   Link   ISPconfig3
So much to learn, so much to explore. Where to start? How about to make it work first, and then look behind the curtain to get the thirsty mind around the technology of web server hosting, DNs configuration, FTP, SSH connecting. Do all this in multi user environment. Get clients to use your services as you learn. Have unlimited control of your domains and almost instant changes to DNs .
4   Link   red5
Streaming video, and sound conferencing.That is just a tip of this open source flash server, yet to be explored.
5   Link   Gallery#
Very sophisticated photo/file gallery.
6   Link   Fast Single File Gallery
Fast, single .php file photo show.
7   Link   CMS Jomla
My favorite CMS.
Joomla got large support, robust system, but simple management, well after you get in to understanding it is simple.
8   Link   Writers delight - Wordpress
Like to blog in style?
Wordpess is THE publishing platform for you.
9   Link   Open Meetings
Web based video conference, with white board, documents, and desktop sharing, and more.
10   Link   Video Whisper
Collection of Online based technology that involves video communication,chat,recording,streaming.
11   Link   Server minitoring report
Free weekly report on your server's up time.
12   Link   Server uptime notification
Free 30 minutes server uptime notification
13   Link   openWrt
After my D-link router failed few nights in row, I decided to flash this life line to my server, with this Linux based router software.
used http://downloads.openwrt.org/backfire/10.03.1-rc4/ar71xx/openwrt-ar71xx-dir-615-c1-squashfs-factory.bin
falow instal here:
nano /etc/config/uhttpd config file
nano /etc/config/firewall ip tables
/etc/rc.d/S45firewall reload reload firewall changes
uci show uhttpd
uci set uhttpd.main.listen_https=
14   Link   ZoneMinder
Close Circuit Video System.
15   Link   Qdig On NFS share
Qdig install is simple, and it just works.
apt-get update
apt-get install imagemagick
cd /var/www
wget http://qdig.sourceforge.net/files/qdig.tar.gz
tar xvfz qdig.tar.gz
rm qdig-
cd qdig

16   Link   captcha spam protection
Add it to joomla to protect, by simple and elegant captcha. Do not forget to add URL of your multiple sites on keycaptcha.com
17   Link   Crafty Syntax Live Help
Live help on your site.
Requires server back end.
18   Link   Moodle
Online class environment, open source.
19   Link   KVM-QEMU
Low overhead visualization , keep it separated!
20   Link   RAID mdadm
Software RAID is valuable alternative to hardware RAID configurations. Using the mdadm Linux software, gain the benefits of redundancy on systems that support multiple drives.