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Tee- pee makes a grate place to live
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TOPIC: Tee- pee makes a grate place to live

Tee- pee makes a grate place to live 12 years, 2 months ago #10

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While in Czech Republic , my original country, I spent lots of months in Tee-pees of different sizes. I find this way of camping very useful and comfortable. I knew this way of camping was best for me after spending one winter in 17 degrees below freezing weather. We sat around in shorts, and stirred the fire while the snow came down outside.

Start with construction.

Seems many people have the impression that if the walls are just from textile it is nothing but poor protection to the weather and hard times. I have to say it is not a trough if you go all the way and use the lining that come with the tee-pee. It is a kind of second wall that is spread up and hangs inside the tee-pee from the ground to about eye level. This second wall brings all the incoming air to the elevated level so it won't feel cold on your back while sitting, and the air that makes this trip behind this wall is preheated by what ever temperature is inside of tee-pee. This is where the fire comes in. Fire nicely built in the center area of the tee-pee is a good source of heat in any weather. This fire will not only cook and heat this place to the any desired temperature but it will comfort you visually, as well in manner of relaxing .

Joining the seal-anchoring.

If you have fire inside the tee-pee we have to talk about the smoke. If fire is burning inside the tee-pee the smoke is pushed by its heat up through the smoke hole. the smoke hole has outside on each side flaps that are not there for looks but to ensure good ventilation. This mean if conditions outside are windy all you have to do is point these flaps in the direction air is blowing to and keep good ventilation crack at the same time. This way the wind can't blow any smoke back inside and turn this living room to the smoking room.

Little more stretch and Tee-pee is finished.

On the rainy days you do the same thing .Basically turn the flaps to the side while keeping the ventilation crack .This won't let the rain fall in through the smoke hole and lets the smoke out.

For a tee-pee, it's important to use good quality and heavy duty canvas. No less important is to make sure the stitches are in place and holding strong. More than one stitch line has to be applied in each joint and use a strong and natural based string.

Lets not forget the tee-pee it self has to be made just like any clothing to fit so you want to use plans and experience to finish this tent to make it work. There are many kinds and shapes of teepees originally use by different trials of North American Indians. I use a combination of some to make one that can fit my needs. One thing that is noticeable right away is the shape of the base of the tee-pee is not circle but an ellipse. This way you always have one side slimmer and more air dynamic for strong wind that mostly blows from west to east, and you gain more space in back behind the fire where it is needed the most.

Finish Tee-pee

To build a tee pee, you have to have a good place. the best place is flat with soft grass, a place where water won't run if it is raining. It's nice to have woods near by if you want to build fire and water access if you plan to stay a long time to enjoy this. Next thing you need is 12 long sticks at least 1 yard longer than the height of the tee-pee, and some small sticks to anchoring the tent to the ground. A long string is needed in many places, so make sure you have about thirty yards of it, and an axe.

Lining inside of tee-pee

Properly built, and managed tee-pee is a nice place to sleep, relax, cook, eat and basically it is a place to spend quality time out doors. And if not in use it roles up and fits into a small package
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