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Written by u4david   

Technology is a collection of interconnected processes, and/or modules, and/or parts, that through mechanisms of cooperated interactions, is able to turn one thing into the another. The listed technologies are the platforms my project lives and dies on. I am learning computing technology as I go. In an open-source environment that is constantly changing for the better, my thirst is calmed by variety of HowTo's and tutorials created by other thirsty minds. Here is some links that directly contributed to this project. It is not accidental that I created my own web hosting server. At first, it was an operating system that opened horizons to no cost, highly scalable, and high quality computing. From there it was only a matter of time to have the same expectation from web services. And since there is no such thing as unlimited, free web hosting, I was motivated to created my own. I am glad to have the computing environment here at hand. So here you go, my current client sites are here.